About A.J. & S.A.G.G.

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American June presents, She's a Good Girl xx

 Our Mission

Bring people together with love and acceptance. This is how we choose to express it xx 

Our Vision

Create a space where people can find strength in who they are and lose any fear of standing up and believing in themselves. We just think we found a fun way to do it xx


“Good girls make people feel comfortable in their own skin. They encourage people to push boundaries, say the things others tell us not to say and find the strength to take on some of the most messed up and traumatizing experiences. You can hear all about the good, the bad and the Ashley as Barbie Quinn on the She's a Good Girl podcast. Born in Philly, partied in LA and landed here in Austin, I'm a fierce Gemini with a lot to say and out of a whole lotta you know whats." -- AW ("BQ")