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She's a good girl

Our Good Girls go to heaven by bringing their bad girls with them xx

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About the podcast

Be a Good Girl

Barbie Quinn

I'm a single mom whose already lived nine lives and has zero f*cks left to give. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin after too many years, and I plan on proving to myself and the world that you can build your empire at any stage. I'm described as if Barbie and Harley Quinn were smushed together and became one person. I have multiple degrees and am smart as hell though no one gives me credit for it because of the way I look and dress. I want to break every "rule", and provide others with a safe space to be who they want to be. Born in Philly, partied in LA and landed here in Austin, I'm a fierce Gemini with a lot to say and a whole lotta love to give xx

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She's a good girl Merch

As a certified designer and stylist, what fun would it be if I didn't put my talents to use and create a spinoff streetwear style line based off of my original podcast, She's a good girl?! Everything from good girl loungewear sets, to not subtle trucker hats and tank tops with slaying quotes, these are one of kind, fun and unique pieces to rock your good girl vibes. We use high quality printing and materials which make it legit instead of being cheesy AF. Remember: pronouns are useless here at She's a good girl so consider everything unisex and gender fluid. We're all gonna party in heaven one way or another, we might as well do it in style xx

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Be Our Guest

Listen, as much as I love a solo episode where I can go on my rants and talk about whatever it is that I'm feeling that day, the She's a good girl podcast was created to provide a platform with anyone who has a voice that needs or wants to be heard. Not only that, but it can also be quite fun to respond to my shenanigans, attempt to disprove my theories and honestly just have a great time! Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to share your business, someone who has endured a significant experience that others should be aware of, or you just have some wild stories to tell, I'm here for it! There are only two requirements to be out guest; (1) be your authentic self (2) leave hatred/discrimination at the door xx

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