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Be a Good Girl

Season 1

I'm a single mom whose already lived nine lives and has zero f*cks left to give. I finally feel comfortable in my own skin after too many years, and I plan on proving to myself and the world that you can build your empire at any stage. I'm described as if Barbie and Harley Quinn were smushed together and became one person. I want to break every "rule", and provide others with a safe space to be who they want to be. Born in Philly, partied in LA and landed in Austin, I'm a fierce Gemini with a lot to say and a whole lotta love to give xx

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Season 2

Did you know that U.S. Navy SEALs are an elite unit, more exclusive and harder to be admitted to than other branches of the military. They are members of a special operations force trained to engage in direct raids or assaults on enemy targets, conduct reconnaissance missions to report on enemy activity. They also don't always get circumcized and they definitely have a lot they need to release...if you catch my drift. In this episode I tell the tale of my ACL encounter with a particular SEAL and the facial I allowed him to give me as a thank you for his service. God Bless America xx

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Season 3

Barbie Quinn is back for another season! This crazy journey that has been my life did not slow down during the show's mini hiatus, so expect all the shenanigans, laughs, heartbreaks and lessons learned to continue full steam ahead. Season 3's' opener is definitely a sensitive topic, so grab a tissue box and prepare yourself for this one, Good Girls. While some stories are hard to tell, I stay true to my oath of honesty, and if anything, I hope it will further our mission of spreading kindness as far as we can reach xx

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